SMA Edu Global Students are 100 Percent Graduated

SMA Edu Global Students are 100 Percent Graduated

All final grade students in SMA Edu Global school year 2019-2020 which is the 5th generation are all passed or 100 percent graduated. Announcement of student graduation was announced online by each school, on Saturday (05/02/2020) simultaneously.

The determination of SMA Edu Global students’ graduation this year is different from previous years. This year, the graduation of final grade students is determined by each school based on school exams and the accumulation of report card grades in the last five semesters. The new policy exists because UNBK was eliminated this year due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

This achievement is thankful, it shows that SMA Edu Global students have studied hard. The results show that there is solid cooperation between the education authorities, the school, and especially parents of students.

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